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Girl on playground - Pediatric Dentist in Temple Hills, MD, and Richmond, VA

Dr. Altmon treats his patients as if they were his own children. All of his patients are treated with dignity and respect. He wants their first dental experiences to be memorable, fun and inspiring. He designed the Kiddie Cavity Care office so that it would be warm and welcoming to kids.

In this high-tech, new, modern office, children’s artwork is displayed on the office walls. The treatment areas are equipped with flat-screen TVs in order to provide additional entertainment and comfort for the kids. The Kiddie Cavity Care staff is crazy about kids and their parents. Parents are welcome in all treatment areas to join in the fun.

Kiddie Cavity Care is a state-of-the-art pediatric dental office catering to all children in the D.C., Temple Hills and Richmond areas. Kiddie Cavity Care strives to provide the best care to all children including our Spanish-speaking families and children with special needs. Dr. Altmon also offers oral sedation and general anesthesia in the office. Kiddie Cavity Care is also very accessible, located directly on the Red Line Metro with the Van Ness Metro at its door. Parking is also conveniently located underground.

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