What Causes Children to Suffer from Halitosis? – Richmond, VA

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Bad breath is not much of a problem when it occurs after consuming pungent foods. It is also normal to have odorous breath upon waking up in the morning. But oral malodor that becomes persistent is what people should watch out for. Halitosis or chronic bad breath can affect anyone at any age. Yes, even children can have it too!

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If you are a parent and you happened to notice your child’s bad-smelling breath, address the issue in our clinic at Kiddie Cavity Care & Orthodontics right away. We have halitosis treatment that is customized base on the cause of the condition. Some of the factors that contribute to halitosis include:

Gum Disease

When plaque is not diminished correctly in the child’s mouth, these particles can settle below the gumline and cause the gums to inflame. Gum disease, or the inflammation of the soft tissues, can lead to bad breath.

Bad Bites

Improperly aligned teeth are quite hard to clean. Crooked teeth, for instance, are more likely to trap food particles. If these substances are not eliminated, the portion in-between the teeth can acquire cavities. Dental caries can then create an unpleasant smell in the mouth.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Encouraging children to brush, floss, and rinse their mouths regularly is tricky. But it is vital for parents to impart proper oral hygiene practices to their kids or else they will end up suffering from oral problems, including bad breath.

Irregular Dental Fillings

Poorly shaped dental fillings can cause problems in the mouth. Cleaning them using a toothbrush or floss is impossible, thereby aggravating trapped foods and bad breath. The best thing to do when your child has poor dental fillings is to have their dental restorations replaced.

Dry Mouth

Bacteria, the leading cause of bad breath, can develop and multiply in many ways. For instance, when a child has a thumb-sucking habit or uses a pacifier, a dry mouth is often experienced. When there is not enough saliva production in the mouth, the result is bad breath.

Our practice can provide gum disease treatment if the said condition causes halitosis to develop to our young patients. We have tooth-colored fillings if they need a replacement for their amalgam fillings, and professional teeth cleaning for children who have bad breath due to poor oral hygiene.

For more information regarding our Halitosis Treatment in Richmond, VA, do not hesitate to contact us at Kiddie Cavity Care & Orthodontics. To reach our office, visit 5322 Chamberlayne Rd. Richmond, VA 23227.