The Importance of Space Maintainers for Your Child

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Losing teeth is an essential part of growing up. However, some kids end up missing one or more teeth before it is time to lose them. Having severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, a hereditary condition, or perhaps an injury can cause your child’s tooth to require extraction or fall out. To temporarily fill up the premature gap in your child’s smile, a space maintainer is used. This prosthesis can temporarily complete your child’s smile until their permanent tooth is ready to grow. 

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Unfortunately, a lot of parents have not heard of space maintainers and do not realize how their child can benefit from this appliance. If your child has missing teeth before it can naturally fall out, here’s how space maintainers can be beneficial. Read on!

Space maintainers can protect your child’s oral health

Baby teeth may not be permanent, but they play a vital role in your child’s developing smile. Primary teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth, which will come out later on. If a baby tooth falls out early, the teeth around it could shift to fill the gap, or the permanent teeth could erupt at an inappropriate angle. Having these orthodontic issues could raise your child’s risk of oral health issues. These issues could be tooth decay and gum disease, which may require extensive treatment later in life. Through the use of space maintainers, it could save you and your child from discomfort and costly dental procedures in the long run. 

Space maintainers are relatively easy to clean and take care of

If your child has fixed space maintainers, it should be taken care of like any other tooth. Thus, all you must do it brush it and floss it twice per day. Meanwhile, if your child has a removable space maintainer, it must be worn for at least 14 hours a day, and it should be taken out to be cleaned. No matter what type of space maintainers they have, your child must avoid sticky, chewy, or particularly hard foods because they can damage the maintainers. You should also instruct your child not to press on their maintainers as this could damage it.

Space maintainers help give your child an aesthetic smile

If your child has a large gap or crooked teeth, this could make them feel self-conscious, and this may even lead them to be teased by their peers. Thankfully, the spaces in your child’s smile can be filled with a space maintainer for a more cosmetic look. 

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