Encouraging Children to Brush Their Teeth

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Brushing the teeth is extremely important, and this is a fact for both adults and children. Adults are very much aware that cavities and gum disease may result from neglecting to brush their teeth. Unfortunately, children are not familiar with this concept. Encouraging them to brush their teeth poses a challenging battle. It might be frustrating to try and persuade them to develop this healthy habit but remember that children are still growing and learning about the world around them. 

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Why do children resist to brush their teeth?

Various reasons exist why children refuse to brush their teeth. One reason is that children are not merely used to brushing their teeth. The first few times of brushing is uncomfortable for them as it is a strange and foreign concept that they cannot fully grasp. For adults, brushing their teeth is a routine they’ve been doing for years. At their stage of life, children are either growing or losing their teeth. This makes their mouth sensitive, and it is their goal to avoid the discomfort that brushing brings. Empathy is needed to deal with grumpy brushing sessions with the kids. 

A few ways to encourage children to brush their teeth 

  • Did you know that getting a new toothbrush inspires a child to brush their teeth? This may feel like a small thing, but it actually goes a long way. Getting the child a toothbrush designed after their favorite cartoon character or superhero will excite them for a teeth-brushing session. Letting them pick what toothbrush they’d get might make them feel invested. 
  • Different kinds of flavored toothpaste exist in the market. Adults are used to strong minty flavors, but children may not be. Let children exercise their right to choose the flavor of the toothpaste they want. There are a lot of toothpaste options catered to the little ones in the market. 
  • Brushing teeth, along with the child, makes them feel less alone. They will see when adults do it and deem it as something important. They are less likely to engage in brushing activities if they are doing it alone.

Do you have problems with your child’s brushing habit? Oral hygiene instructions from a dentist will help your child realize the importance of brushing their teeth. Here at Kiddie Cavity Care & Orthodontics, we provide home-care instructions to take care of your child’s teeth under General Dentistry in Richmond, VA. Our dental office is located at 5322 Chamberlayne Rd., Richmond, VA 23227. Call us to schedule an appointment!