Five Facts About Toothbrushes

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Do you hate that daily work out routine of playing hide and seek just to get your toddlers to brush their teeth? Do you find it laborious hearing their squeals and whimpers, seeing their dramatic poses of lying in the bathroom floor? Do you just want to avoid oral care and toothbrushing rituals just to shush them down? Well, here are some facts that you can somehow find interesting and can probably share with your little warriors just to keep them interested in using their toothbrushes:

toothbrushes and toothpaste

Fact #1 – While it is a fact that cows are known to produce 90% of the milk in the world, it’s not a common fact that their hair is originally used as a toothbrush bristle. 

Fact #2 – While your toddlers love to play outdoors, collecting some leaves, twigs, and flowers to play with it, the Egyptians as early as 3000 BCE used leaves and twigs for cleaning their teeth.

Fact #3 – While it’s a common notion that we associate the color pink with girls and blue with boys and there’s no changing that, the most trendy toothbrush color is blue. The second most trendy is red. What color is yours?

Fact #4 – Another weird fact about toothbrushes is that a  study showed that 18% of people have that habit of sharing their toothbrushes with their children. While parents wanted to mold their children as well mannered individuals by teaching them the value of sharing at an early age, it is never a valuable idea to teach your toddlers to share their toothbrush. Our oral cavity is a cabin to hundreds and thousands of bacteria and viruses that can be quickly transmitted to another person by means of sharing a toothbrush. 

Fact #5 – While your toddlers watch Mojo Jojo, Him, Gangreen Gang and Amoeba Boys from Powerpuff girls being put to jail at the end of Powerpuff girls show, they haven’t heard about a prisoner named William Addis. He was believed to have invented the first mass-produced toothbrush. He made it using a  small animal bone he spared from his leftover meal and some bristles he asked from the guards. After he was set free, he begun to manufacture toothbrushes and soon became a wealthy businessman. 

Did these facts make your eyes pop and jaws flop? Then you better share these with your little ones and loved ones. Put some spark on their interest in toothbrushing! For more queries and other exciting tips, consult with our dentist at Kiddie Cavity Care & Orthodontics and have them scheduled for a Dental Checkup in Temple Hills, MD! We will be your partners in protecting your toddler’s smile and oral health!